It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas! (Minus The Snow)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yes, minus the snow - I will never stop associating Christmas with snow.  I miss that......however, at least we're having some chilly mornings here!  We even have our heat on - just a tad! We put up our Christmas tree about a week ago, and it's as gorgeous as ever. 

Okay.  Well maybe it's not gorgeous. The fact is, this tree is about, um, thirty plus years old. It's the same tree we've put up every year since Courtney was born, and Mom said she put it up when she was little, too.  So might that make it fourty years old?  I don't know.  Anyhow, it holds sentimental value, and is still holding itself together.....however I've been hinting that maybe, just maybe we should get a new one for next year.  You know, start a new family tradition.  :-)

Both Isaac and Joshua love playing with the little nativity scene we put up every year.  Dad built the wooden shed for it when Courtney and I were really little, so it's seen many Christmases!  I have such great memories of getting it out each year!  Usually we just set it up and all the characters stay in the same position the entire month of December.  However.  This year, two pairs of hands have been VERY busy re-arranging the entire set, several times daily!  We encountered a crisis a few days ago when one of the wise men was missing....however I found it later under a couch cushion.  Oh, tragedy!

 David was our Christmas light fixer this year!  We always have to figure out which strands are no longer working, which ones need new bulbs, etc.  I clearly remember being five or so, and Dad doing this job.  His yearly warning about "don't step on the Christmas lights" is one I've never forgotten - now I'm the one telling the little boys that! 

It's always a chaotic time, with so many people trying to figure out which branches go where.  They're color coded, so we always put them in piles, and then do one row at a time. 

I'm not in any of these pictures because I wasn't feeling good!  I sat on the couch and took pictures of everyone else the whole time!

My beautiful mom.  Thankfully she's completely recovered from her kidney stone.  She feels so much better now!

The finished product - with presents underneath to boot!  And notice the train - our grandparents gave us that probably ten years ago, and it still works.  Isaac and Josh LOVE it and are always asking us to do it with them.  They want to know who all the little figures are on the train.  We've already explained "Santa Cwaz" to them; they basically know that he's a pretend man who says "Merry Christmas"!!!

 It's our family tradition to have the youngest child put the star on the tree.  Last year Isaac got to do it, but he's not the youngest anymore!  Joshua did a great job, though I really don't think he had a clue what we were doing. :-)  He had fun and says Merry Christmas all the time, but doesn't even know what that is yet!  He'll soon find out!

 Isaac says hi! 

By way of interest.......I don't get many comments on my blog so I'm wondering how many people actually read it?   I mainly keep it up for grandparents / friends - and I can't exactly blaim you because I hardly ever leave comments on blogs......but if you enjoy this blog, could you leave a comment so I have an idea of how large my audience is? Just curious!!!  :-)


Carrie said...

I read your blog! =)

Today we're going to get our tree. We always cut one down from a tree farm, and our grandparents bring it back with their truck. I'm excited for Christmas, since this year I had some spending money, and was able to buy my family gifts - most that I wouldn't be able to make myself! =)

Cassie said...

Love the pictures, Rachel!!! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

(And I read every single one of your posts. :-) )


Heather said...

I read it! :) We are gonna put up our tree tonight I think... Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Guess we must de-lurk today! We are a Christain, Southern California living,home schooling, farm animal loving family of 5. Our family consists of Hannah who is 9, Rachel who is 13 and Matthew who is 18, and of course me the Mom and Jeff the Dad. We have been enjoying your blog posts about your adoptions, your goats and your brother's horses. We really liked your post about keeping Christ the focus of Christmas! Hello from sunny California! In Christ, Teresa

Lydia said...

Hi Rachel,
I've been reading your blog for a long time and always enjoy seeing what all y'all are up to!! I don't comment on other's blogs very often either. =) It's so encouraging to see another young lady living for the Lord and enjoying the blessings that He sends.
God Bless,

Kiah said...

Hello Rachel,

I've been reading your blog for over a year now and have enjoyed every single one of your posts. I LOVE seeing and reading about your family and your life, and I am always encouraged when you post wisdom-filled, thought-provoking posts. Keep it up Rachel; you are an encouragement to me!


Abby said...

I read! Your blog is great!

Annie said...

I'm a follower but I've never commented before. I enjoy seeing pictures and stories of your two little brothers...who are adorable, by the way!! =)


Emily said...

I read your blog! And I've been meaning to comment!

Your Christmas decorating looks wonderful! Isaac and Joshua are just darling! Their little smile are just infectious!

Hope you are all well!


Ashlin said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm glad your mom is feeling better. Looks like you had a good time and I hope you are feeling fine now too.

Thanks for blogging, I love to read your posts.

Sam said...

I follow it, and enjoy doing so.
See you at church.

Amy K. said...

Hi Rachel!
I read your blog, along with Courtney's blog.
Amy K.

Kayla said...

Well, I think you already know I read your blog, but just in case you don't, here's another thing to reassure you.


See you tonight at church!


Anonymous said...

I read it! I found it through Courtney's and love reading both yours and hers to be able to see more of what your family is up to. And I really love seeing the pictures of the little boys! They are sooooo cute. :)

Elizabeth Charles said...

I read it! And greatly enjoy it. :)

Caiti Marie said...

I read every one of your blog posts, Rachel, and I enjoy it very much.

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