Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last weekend, Mom and I took the little boys to a small neighborhood Christmas festival.   Of course, they couldn't bring themselves to call it that - it was officially called "Winterfest" - gotta be politically correct!  Ugh.

 They had a little kiddy train that Isaac and Josh got to ride on.  They were SO excited about it.  It was actually several golf carts strung together and extrememly decorated to look like train cars.  It was pretty cute!

Waiting our turn in line for the train ride!


We sat in the caboose - and yes, it was red.

They were even giving out free cotton candy.  It's been years, literally, since I've had it, and I was surprised at how.....empty it was!  I forgot how once you take a bite it shrivels down into sugar granules!

First cotton candy!  They both liked it.

Who can wear short sleeves and eat cotton candy a week before Christmas?  We can! One of the benefits of living in a hot part of the country!

We didn't stay long, but it was a fun way to spend an afternoon!


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