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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas is approaching way to rapidly for me!  I can  hardly believe it's tomorrow.  This is such a special time of the year ~ and not because of the presents or the festivities (although that helps!), but because of the memory that a Baby was born in a manger over 2,000 years ago. 

And because He was born so I could live

What a incredible thing to think about.  Sometimes it just blows my mind that He loves me. In spite of myself, He loves me.  To think, God cared enough about me to send His Son, Whose purpose was to die in my place.

More cookies.....gosh, it's a good thing I don't bake this much normally.  Snickerdoodles - it was a bit odd that I would choose this recipe, as I am normally of the opinion that anything worth baking HAS to have chocolate in it.  However they just sounded really good this year.  This recipe comes right from my Grandma Carey, and they were so popular that the entire batch (all four dozen of them) were gone within the day!!

Ah, the cookie baking in progress.  It was feeling particularly festive that day because it rained, drooped, and drizzled ALL day long.  Not a speck of sunshine.  The entire sky was covered in dark clouds - it was wonderful!  Listened to Christmas music for probably four hours while making chocolate chip and snickerdoodles.  Mmmm.  
Our mountains are covered with snow this time of the year - I suppose it could be called a white Christmas!  They're just beautiful.  It always makes me think of powdered sugar.  :-)

Last night, Christmas Eve Eve, we watched The Nativity Story for the first time.  It was wonderful.  I was reminded again of how incredible the Christmas story is.  The three stars that came together for the first time in thousands of years to produce an incredibly bright shining star; the miracle of the virgin birth, the mystery of a King being born in a stable.   The best part of the movie was that the whole thing is true!

Everything, every part of our life, every day that goes by, everything that happens, all revolves around the Baby in the manger.  He's the Reason for life.  He's the reason life even matters.......and thank you Lord, for that.  

Hoping all of you have a blessed Christmas day tomorrow.......remembering Jesus' birth and celebrating Who He is - our Saviour!


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