Isaac, Josh, and Special-Needs Teddy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Isaac has always been one to get very upset if things aren't in order, all lined up in perfection.  If something is knocked over, out of place, messed up, tears are usually the result.  He's gotten a little better at being okay with the hard facts of life (i.e. a cookie will break in half when you bite into it, bath water will go down the drain when you pull the plug, etc.) however he still gets quite upset over some things!  If Joshua has been placed on the naughty chair and gets off, Isaac will literally burst into tears telling him to get back on.  It's pretty funny. 

 He got a piece of fried chicken stuck in his teeth the other day and was concerned about it. "Sumpin' stuck, Rachel," he told me. So I looked at it, and told him that we would get it out with floss after the meal. Surprisingly, he was okay with that, and a minute later anounced, "It's all gone now. May I have some more?" So I took his plate, and he added, "Not chicken. Just green beans and lettuce. I not have strong teeth." Strong teeth? When I told him I didn't understand he clarified matters by informing me that he didn't have "healthy teeth". Still don't understand that one!

He's quite emotional and QUITE strong willed.  He's a fighter and has kicked, scratched, bitten and clawed to try and get his way before - my goodness he can be fiesty!  Looking back, it was truly difficult when he first came home; the language barrier, adjusting him to a family vs. orphanage, helping him know there was plenty of food, being comfortable with us and knowing we wouldn't leave has it been a journey.  But I can't believe how far he's come since then.  Simple things, like being able to sit in his carseat for long drives, being okay with Mom going to the store without him, feeling comfortable saying "hi" to new people, interacting with other kids, and of course his language.....things are a lot easier now!  We're able to tell him what's going to happen, and he understands.  He can carry on a conversation with us now - he's able to answer questions and verbalize what he's feeling or wanting.  He loves "Winna Pooh" and has jokes he likes to crack.  Some things, however, are going to take longer, simply because of him being a bit emotionally behind, I think.  He's almost five, been here almost two years, and still needs Mom to snuggle him to sleep at night - not considered "normal" for kids of that age, right?  But what's normal, anyway? For a little guy who spent the first two years of his life without a mama, I'd say the snuggle thing is perfectly normal.  :-) 

He has bonded to us SO. WELL.  He always wants to know where everyone is; a security thing, I guess.  He'll ask several times throughout the day, "Where my daddy?"  We'll reassure him that Daddy's at work.  If both Mom and Dad go out somewhere, he does fine but always wants to know "Where my parents?"  He hates it when someone other than Mom has to put him to bed (which isn't very often!) but when Mom's gone, I'm usually the only satisfactory substitute.

His recent puzzling statement has been this.  When he gets super mad about something, he'll say "Bye bye, Rachel!  Bye bye Courtney!  I go far, far away!!"  And then he runs into another room.

Oh dear.  He always gets over it, but he's done it twice - and I'm wondering what's this about?  Is this just little kid stuff or actually something related to his being adopted?  Jonathan told Mom he was running away when he was five - I remember that clearly!  So maybe it's fine.  Who knows.  Other than that, he is just doing great.

Meet special needs teddy - this guy has been the perfect addition to the boy's stuffed animal collection!!  It's pretty funny, because that was Jonathan's stuffed animal he got when he was born.  Somehow or another, throughout the years, this bear got its' arm torn off - it's been armless for probably five years now.  So the other day, Joshua the ever-inquisitive asked "Where bear arm?"  Ah yes, the perfect oppertunity.  Mom explained to him that the bear was born without an arm, and that's how God made him.  It was pretty funny - that bear has been sitting armless for years, and now Josh has a friend that's just like him.  :-)


Abby said...

Awwww... your brothers are SO SO SO CUTE!!!! I love them! When my little brother got mad at us, he would say, "You so mean." It was funny!

Leah said...

*Squeal* They're adorable!
Thanks for sharing.
Oh! They are so sweet.


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