How to Make a Thankful Turkey ~ by Isaac

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted, 'cuz Rachel says the title of this blog says Rachel's Blog, not Isaac's Blog. But she said that, since I was so cute, that I could do a post just this once. (I heard her mumbling something about my cuteness attracting more followers to her blog, but I don't know for sure. )

See how nice it is? After posing for this picture, Rachel told me to stop smashing my turkey. I wasn't smashing it, I was just hugging it.

Okay guys, step one: trace your hand on several pieces of paper. You're gonna need some sharp scissors for this to cut out your shapes. I would have done this part myself, but Rachel said scissors were dangerous.
See the red hand I made? You're gonna need several of these, guys. The hands are what makes the feathers of the turkey later on.

Then, write down what you're thankful for on each of the fingers of the hands you just cut out. I would have done this part, too, but Rachel took over again. (Why do girls always do that? I guess 'cuz they're scared we boys might do it better than them. Kinda hard to tell.)

Huh! I can do it pretty good, I have to say. Rachel has reason to be afraid I might do it better than her - I was pretty impressed with my turky myself.

Good job, everyone! You're doing great. Just call me the Turkey Teacher.

Now, glue all your pieces together. By now, you should have made the eyes, nose, beak, head, and neck of your turkey. I finished mine fast.

Ha! Done! Doesn't it look so good? Rachel said that each of the feathers would remind us to give thanks to God for everything we wrote down. I don't really know what she means. Right now the extent of my prayers are Amen. But, maybe I'll learn here pretty soon.

And there it is, guys! Thanks for listening to me. I like telling people what to do, so this post came pretty naturally to me. Maybe, if I get time, I'll write some more later about how to manipulate your older sister by yelling no.

Uh-oh, here comes Rachel! I better sign off for now. See ya next time!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Very cute. :D I enjoyed the "turkey tutorial". ;-)

Natalie said...

Isaac is so cute! he seems VERY proud of his turkey. :-)

Lesley said...

Oh my goodness! I was laughing so hard! Much too cute!!! :D

Eden said...

Oh, he's so adorable! I enjoyed reading your post, Isaac. I hope you get a chance to write again sometime soon. Blessings!

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