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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's easy to look around and nod our heads and absent mindedly acknowledge God's creation. But have you ever really noticed it? The complexity of a rose, for example. Our rose bushes out back consitently produce gorgeous blooms. It starts out as a tiny bud, and day by day it gently opens up, eventually revealing the incredible beauty inside. What always gets me is the deep, vibrant colors, and the amazing fragrance. How incredible that God made that!

And I think God has a sense of humor too. He cares about how things smell. What a scrumptious fragrance he designed a rose to have! Have you ever truly smelled a rose...up close? It is so delicious. It gives off such a pleasant fragrance ~ and it reminds me of just how beautiful Jesus is. He IS everything beautiful and incredible!

Which begs the question.....are we reflecting that beauty?

Am I, on a daily basis, a reflection of Christ's amazing love? Am I spending enough time with God that His grace and mercy is literally rubbing off on me? I have great reason to be a joyful person.......Christ's blood. Because of His death, I have life. And I want that joy to be seen through me, as a testimony to HIS incredible love!

But that takes work ~ at the foot of the cross. It takes time in His presence, meditating on His Word and listening to Him speak to my heart. A five minute Bible reading session just isn't going to do the job. The kind of work that needs to be done in my soul requires intensive and consistent time spent with Jesus.

Every day.

The entire goal of my life.....every minute of every day that I will ever live, I want to be giving glory to God. That is all that matters. I put that as the #1 priority above anything and everything else....literally. Above marriage, above health, above comfort, above self, above anything that is important to me. HE must come first. I believe that the One Who did so much for me should be the priority of every day...of my entire life.

Remember that it's only because of Jesus that your heart is even beating right now. It's only because of His incredible love that you are who you are!

Anyway, I know I don't have the best writing capabilities, but I wanted to at least share these thoughts with you and post the follwing song I recently discovered. It's a very worshipful piece and is a great reminder!


Sam said...

Wow, beautiful. Thanks for the great reminder, Rachel.

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