I love Winnie the Pooh - by Isaac

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey fellers! Welcome to another edition of Isaac's Adventures.

This, as you can see, is my Winnie the Pooh backpack. I got it for Christmas. Cool, huh?

I really like Pooh. I have a counting with Pooh book that Mama reads to me. But the main reason I like Pooh is because he's on my backpack. I love backpacks. And I love Pooh.

Don't you?
C'mon....you know you do. Everyone likes Pooh. He's like the neatest bear I've ever heard of. I really like the fact that he's hugging a pig. Rachel says pigs are stinky, but I don't believe her. Piglet is not stinky.

Hang on, let me just zip it up here....

There, got it!
Oh, speaking of stinky, did you know Rachel told me I was stinky the other day? And guess what I told her back? "P-U!"

Yup! I think she was pretty surprised. She actually started laughing at me. Kind of embarrassing...but it proves that I'm a pretty funny guy.

Okay, Rachel says she ran out of pictures so I have to stop now. See ya later!


Moriah Simonowich said...

Aww! To this day I still love Pooh. *wink*


Sam said...

The fourth picture and the very last one are adorable!! :D

Ashlin said...

Aww! Those pictures are so cute!

Gretchen said...

I love this!!! Isaac and Pooh have at least one thing in common - they both have lots of adoring fans. :)

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