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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isaac's vocabulary is expanding rapidly these days! He has learned a lot of new words recently and can be quite amusing.

Here are some of his recent additions:

"Hip-moes" - (Hippos)

"Be-Be I-E" - (Baby Isaac)

"Nina" - (China) not new but I had to share it!

"Yeh Maa" (Yes ma'am)

"I - E - eeee" (Isaac is three)

"Ah-ah-ah ooo" (Joshua is two)

I know from the list of words you just read it probably sounds like he has a doomed future of being totally mis-understood...but if you lived with him every day you'd realize what milestones these words are. For him to say "h" and "b" with no problem is great, considering he had a cleft palate. He is really making strides these days!

And yes, we're working on those consanants he loves to leave out. :-)

As for me, I'm continuing to work on school, my home business, and of course preparing for the big trip in just a few days! Yesterday and today David and I have been hard at work burning tumbleweeds. There are literally thousands of them on our property and they get stuck everywhere - in fences, especially. So that has been a major job!

Also, we have all the goats lined up for kidding the spring - Pearl is due April 7th and Daisy is due May 6th. Looking forward to all those babies!


Moriah Simonowich said...

Aww! Great job, Issac! :)

I know your family must be so excited that you're almost going to bring little Joshua!

My traveling prayers will be with you. :)


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