Sunday Update

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyone was getting incredibly sick of sandwiches - and I do mean sick - so, at 6:45 this morning, out of absolute hunger for a real meal, I made a really yummy egg/potato/bacon casserole, oatmeal pancakes, and then Jonathan whipped up a smoothie! It was great! And we even had leftovers!

It's easy to not feel like cooking when your family is gone....but I am determined to make some really hearty meals in Mom and Courtney's absence.

This little stinker is REALLY keeping me on my toes!! This is his favorite new pose that he likes to strike.

He may be naughty at times, but he sure is a cutie!!! Pretty sweet!!
Every afternoon, regular as rain, Isaac begins to get whiny and clingy. He just needs me!! His new way of telling me this is saying "apart, apart!" (I asked him if he was falling apart the other day and the phrase has stuck.) :-)

Not many pictures today....but more to come soon!


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