I had a bad feeling....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I had a bad feeling last night when I saw it was only 9 degrees outside. Even though we lack snow, we have been slightly miserable as of late. Let me give it to you from the top down.

It all started last night in the shower. It had been a long day, and I was enjoying my luxurious hot shower. I had just finished lathering my hair up with kiwi shampoo when the worst happened: the water stopped. It was one of those panicky moments when you're not sure weither to pound the tub or sit down and cry. I am freezing, my hair is mounded with soap, and there's no hope of finishing my shower. (I had this happen to me a few years ago...you'd think I'd learn!) Our pipes froze at exactly the wrong time, leaving me very cold and frustrated.

What else do frozen pipes mean?

They mean that everything else is frozen too. Meaning.....no dishwasher. No washing machine. No bath for the little guy who hasn't had a bath in several days. And no flushing the toilet. (That's possibly the worst result of frozen pipes. Especially with 7 people in the house.)

But hey, we got along fine.....we did okay last night, used our creative minds, burrowed under the covers and sipped hot chocolate this morning. But unfortunately, everything was not so cozy outside.

Like for the fact that the goats were so cold they were shaking and the water troughs were frozen solid to the bottom and the hay was icy and Pearl the goat's horn got so cold and brittle that it cracked off in the night.

Like I said, not cozy.

Thank heavens for hot chocolate. I'm about to go consume my 3rd and possbily 4th mug of the day.

Thankfully, it "warmed up" from 0* to 11* degrees this afternoon, so our water came back on. And I quickly had a shower! We also quickly ran the dishwasher. We quickly filled buckets for the animals. We quickly flushed the toilet. And I'm about to go throw in some laundry. I fully expect our water to freeze again this evening, but as long as the goats have water, and I have hot chocolate, I'm happy.


Sam said...

Oh boy!! That is not good...that happened to me one time in the shower and it was NOT fun at all.
The 108yo record was actually broken today for the coldest Feb. 3rd!
Have a good week!

Joanna said...

Our water stopped too! Well, it wasn't frozen pipes, but still, we were out of it for 24 hours and had overnight guests. :-) Lots of fun. Our well pump broke and a blizzard was coming in a day or so. It is fixed now and we had a great time with the guests, but I tell you, it is NOT fun to wash dishes the old-fashioned way. (With water form the neighbors.) I hope your pipes stay nice and warm!

Elissa said...

Eh, no fun. Thankfully just our hot water pipes froze, so we weren't without toilets and such. And they finally came back on this afternoon. Dad spent the day up in the attic closing vents and such, so hopefully we won't have a repeat!

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