We Have Kittens!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Emma finally had her kittens! This morning David rushed inside and told us that she had had her kittens - we could hear them meowing but we couldn't find them. We looked for a while and finally found them. She had given birth in our metal trailer hitch that is all metal; and it was very cold metal too, because it was so windy out!

Unfortunately, Emma didn't really know what to do with her newborn kitties and so she sort of abandoned them. (I guess being an 8 month old mother has its drawbacks.) When we looked, 1 was already dead, then 2. They were so cold in there on the hard metal without their mama! We finally decided to step in and take some action. Jonathan transported the live kittens and their no-brain mother into the shed where they'd be out of the wind. After getting warmed up by the hair dryer for about 10 minutes, they really came to and started nursing.

Now that everyone's warm and well-fed, Emma is finally figuring out her role as mother, I think. She's been snuggling them all day, so I think they're off to a good start! We currently have three live kitties - she had five minus two casualties. But...that's farm life. I'm just glad the rest made it. :-)

Still no baby goats.....Pearl is now four days overdue. Arrrggg. She does this every year and it's hard to keep from pulling my hair out! But she can't stay pregnant forever. One of these days those babies are going to come out and say hello to the world!


Mikala said...

Awwww!!! I LOVE cats, and kittens are just too adorable! I'm very envious :-)

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