Alabama Bound ~ WooHoo!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guess what?  I'm going on......ANOTHER TRIP!!!!

Yeah, I know.  You're wondering how on earth this girl has the time to go on all these trips.  But I have to say that all this vacationing we've done this year (previous Alabama trip, Florida trip, Nebraska trip, etc.) is really not typical for us.  We just usually don't travel that much, because most of us are still in school!

However, for some reason, this year has been the super-exception.  (Hooray for that.)  Dad has TWO weeks of vacation he gets to take, so a week from today, David, Dad, and I will be heading off on a very *exciting* road trip!!

So ~ since Courtney will be staying home on this trip (and keeping her laptop with her) this blog will be...uh....silent for about two weeks.  Hope you understand.  For now, I'm going to be keeping rather busy getting ready for this trip!  Looking very much forward to seeing this kind of scenery.  :-)

Now that's what I call beautiful!!!  Alabama, here we come!! 


Cassie said...

Looks lovely Rachel! Have a fabulous time!!!


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