At The Park Again

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm sure you all are getting tired of seeing park pictures.  But these were just so cute that I had to share.  By the way, you're not seeing me in any of these pictures because I don't go down slides.  My aversion to park equipment is due to the fact that I always always always get those painful little shocks whenever I go near it.  Slides, poles, railings, you name it.  Plus, I'm....well, 18?  So that kind of explains things.  (Right?)

I seriously think Joshua could make it as a model on Chinese Huggies diapers or something.  Isn't he just a stunning little guy?

I think this shirt should really say "I Will Be A Great Catch".  (Emphasis on the "will be".)  No doubt that he's a cutsie patootsie and totally the clown of the family.....but on the behavior side of things, he's, well.....Mr. Sassy Pants. Just warning you, future Mrs. Isaac!  I'm sure he'll grow out of it.  I am personally working with him to ensure that he stops biting people before he gets married.  :-)

Did I just say that?  *Sigh.*  I admit it.  Our family isn't perfect - no, far from it.  When you have toddlers that start crying out the Hallelujah Chorus with angry tears running down their cheeks whenever they get in trouble.....well, we're just trying to be categorized as normal! 


Anonymous said...

So we're not the only family with those issues after sisters will sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" at the top of their lungs while they're throwing a fit to get their own way. But hey, who wants to be categorized as "normal" anyway? Normal is boring. ;)

Marissa said...

I always say my little brothers are the cutest boys in the world, but I gotta admit, this kid comes VERYYY close.(;

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