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Monday, October 10, 2011

Picture this if you will:  Just finished breakfast and chores.  Morning is getting on.  Seconds from sitting down for a good Chemistry lesson.  Ready to get on with my day.

"Rachel, will you play with me?"
"Just ten minutes?"

Sorry, but I can't resist that pleading little voice!  (Of course, once I agreed to ten minutes, that same little voice chimed in, "Fourteen minutes?")

So.  School was temporarily delayed and I decided to play cars with Isaac and Joshua.  Every time they beg me to come play with them, I find myself always having something else I'd rather be doing.  But.  I try to catch myself and remember that they won't stay little very long ~ and every day I have with them is a gift!  Trying to treasure every minute of cars and camping trips around the house that I can!  :-)

 Here they are posing with only part of their large car collection. 
 Both boys were in a good mood for pictures this morning.  I find they are more cooperative if you let them see the picture on the camera screen after it's been taken - they're always so excited to see!

 Each boy has their own little "tray" of cars, as you can see in the picture.  Sometimes they'll decide to trade and I'll overhear a nice little toddler business transaction:  "May I borrow semi, Isaac?"  "Yes you may, Joshua!"  Other times, unfortunately, I hear the beginnings of world war three.  But we're working on that.

 Favorite car!

 Can you guess?  Yep, favorite car!  And world class smile to go a long with it.  I love Isaac's smile ~ it's so precious, and when I happen to see other children with repaired clefts like Isaac, I just love it!  They have such a special little look that I am in love with.  :-)

 "Rachel, look at this!"  I asked Isaac if I should take a picture of this *incredible* feat, and he heartily agreed.  However I was HIGHLY warned by him not to bump it.  :-) 

I was again playing with my self-timer and in the process of getting a decent picture, chopped my own forehead off.  I failed to realized that I am taller than both these little guys!!!  But I love how Joshua looks in this one, so here it is.

Such a typical boy - drooling over a car and wearing his FAVORITE color shirt, orange!!  Well, he's normally a typical boy.  The times he isn't so typical would be the days where he's crazy in love with his baby doll.  (You can read about that here.)  Our pastor came over the other day and while Josh smiled and shook his hand.....Isaac was giggling on the sidelines, clutching his baby GIRL doll.  Ahem.  It was like, yes, he IS a normal boy...just dealing with some, uh, issues.....kind of embarrassing!!!!  But "Baby Isaac"  (his doll's name) seems to be a permanent part of our family, so we'll have to wait until he grows out of this one.

And that was my morning frivolity with the boys!  They loved it!


Cassie said...

I love these pictures, Rachel. The boys are so cute!

Isn't it just wonderful sometimes to say 'no' to school and to just play? Cora and I painted the other day. I just couldn't resist her when she said, "Cassie... Please paint with me. We had a lovely time.

Have a fabulous week, Rachel!


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