Did You Know....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

......that Milk Duds go very well with World History? 

If you didn't, well, now you do know.  I have a lot of reading to do each day in History. And I needed something to help me though it.   Furthermore, did you know that it took me one and a half hours to get through both my History and this box of chocolates?  The word cccchhhheeeewwwyy comes to mind. (Sadly, the word 'cavity' does, too.) And lastly did you know that I was actually saving this box for our long road trip next week?  My self control was....non-existing.
 Did you know that Courtney is studying away, trying to prepare for her SAT test in just a few weeks?  Yep, she is.  She'll be my SAT teacher when I take it next fall - gulp.  The test looms before me like doomsday; I'm thinking the very word stands for "Sad And Terrible".   But thankfully I don't have to start studying just yet....I have a few blissful months left before the grueling study begins!!

 Did you know that this guy is cute enough to be a girl?  I'm serious!  He's just a doll.   Like I've said before, I think he could easily make it on a Huggies Diaper cover or something.  Recently he's become more aware of his "special hands".  He'll point to them and say, very excitedly with the cutest little grin ever, "Joshua two special hands!!"  And then we'll all clap and squeal with him and tell him how neat that is.  :-)  Precious!
Did you know.....oh gross!! Where did that picture come from?  Well, um, since you've already seen it, did you know that Isaac is in every way a typical boy, and loves to pick his nose?  If you didn't know it, well, you were better off than you are now.  Less grossed-out, that is.  Let me get a better picture for you.

 Oops, that wasn't quite what I was looking for either.    Check out the belly button.  Um.....did you know that I think he's going to be a gymnist in the coming years?  He's quite limber.

 Okay, there we go.  Much better.  Did you know that this little stinker calls me "honey" now?  Yep, aren't I lucky!!  He heard Mom call Dad "honey" one time, and now my new title is
"honey - Rachel".  It's hilarious!!  Isaac cracks me up - he is such a little comedian!

Hmmm.  Did you know that this is supposed to be Jonathan's school desk?  Only, it doesn't seem to be in use today.  The student is.......

....doing his schoolwork on the floor and trying to avoid having his picture taken.  *Sigh*  I've been having a difficult time getting a certain brother to let me take his picture recently.  Could you all tell him to let me get a good photo of him?!!

Well, all these new facts probably weren't quite as interesting as they could have been.  And....you may wish you hadn't learned some of them (aka the nose picking).  But.  This is real life.  (For us, anyway.)


Cassie said...

I love posts like this, Rachel. I understand how it is being a homeschooling family and I love seeing the little ways that your family operates. :)

Thank you to you and Courtney for your comments on my blog!

I'll see you soon! (It feels good to say that!)


Stephanie said...

Jonathan, your sister has informed her readers to tell you to let her get a good picture of you. So you better. :)


Sharing Shunshine said...

Jonathan....just let her take your picture!


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