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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello fall.......hello cold mornings and fuzzy bathrobes.  Hello cloudy days, warm slippers, and delicious beverages like caramel hot chocolate.  Mmm, yes, I purchased this very box of instant hot chocolate packages yesterday ~ and it just seemed so autumn-ish to me.  I haven't even tried it but I know it's going to be highly addictive already!   This is part of what gets me up early every morning.  I like to get up early for my personal devotions.....but when the alarm goes off I do not instinctively spring out of bed with the Bible on my lap!!!  I've found that if I know there is a cup of something yummy like hot chocolate waiting for me, I am more likely to get up, and therefore more likely to find the time for personal Bible reading.   So I am loving getting 40 minutes of un-interrupted time with God in a perfectly quiet house each my fuzzy bathrobe with a cup of steaming hot chocolate.  It works.

I've noticed on several blogs that a lot of you have been to see the new movie Courageous this week!  So glad people are supporting it.  Part of us went last weekend to see it and it was SO GOOD!  Sherwood Pictures has always made good movies but I think this one has to be their best yet.  I am usually not one to cry over books or movies....but this one had me nearly balling my eyes out one minute and then laughing so hard the next!  This wasn't a sad movie by any means; it was incredibly tender.  There were a lot of unexpected surprises in it and I loved how they portrayed the fathers turning their hearts back to their families.  If you haven't seen yet, I would highly recommend going.  It was so good that I'm going back to see it a second time this weekend!  

Surprisingly, Chemistry has gotten better.  I am beginning to follow this guy's complicated train of thought ~ it's kind of a mind bending book....definitely a challenge....but I'm getting it now.  Thankfully, Courtney has been helping me out a lot with it so that has made a big difference in my grades!  Law of Mass Conservation, anyone?  Does the Continuous Theory of Matter ring a bell?  What about that good ol' Periodic Table of Elements?  :-)


Finally, I thought this little clip would be an
appropriate note to end on.  Isn't it so true? 
Courtney gets a neat magazine that comes every other month called "Reminisce" ~ it's so fun to read the stories from our parents / grandparents era.  I guarantee you our grandparents (and especially great grandparents!) lived with a lot less than we have now.   Let's be grateful for what we have instead of griping about what we don't have.  Because the blessings far outweigh the "bad", I gurantee you!


Cassie said...

"Law of Mass Conservation, anyone? Does the Continuous Theory of Matter ring a bell? What about that good ol' Periodic Table of Elements?"

Oh, yes, Rachel! I remember being there! Those good ole' days of Chemistry. :) I haven't taken Biology yet, but I'm moving onto Physics this year. It should be interesting!

I loved this post! I can't wait to see you soon!


Heather said...

I think I remember hearing something about the Law of Mass Conservation... In one ear out the other though! And I wwent through that same Chemestry book! I know what you are going through! ;) I want some caramel hot chocolate! But you know how my mom is when it comes to processed foods and sugar... Vanilla Biscotti coffee with half & half and stevia will have to do... *sigh* Not quite the same! Miss you Rachel!

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