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Monday, October 3, 2011

Today was a "normal" day for me - (whatever normal means, anyway) - and I thought it might interest you to have a peek at it.  Because I know you all are incredibly interested, right?  Right! So here we go.

5:10 AM - My alarm goes off.  I stumble out of bed to turn it off and stumble right back in.  Unfortunately today I am not feeling particularly motivated to get up (mainly because last night was a laaate night) so I sleep in another 40 minutes. 

6:11 - Wake up and go for a bike ride by myself.  Some days I take my dog, Willie, and go jogging; today however, I was in the mood for biking.  I love taking my ipod along and enjoying the quiet morning.

7:00 - Get back home and go for a shower.  This is followed by chores, breakfast, family devotions.

9:30 - Dig into school. With vigor.  I'm trying to do large chunks of school work each day so I can graduate and be done with school this spring!  Looking more and more like it will happen - hooray! A late graduate, but a graduate nonetheless.  Class of 2012.  I need to get myself a
T-shirt or something.

1:00 - Mom arrives home from Costco / allergy shot appointment.  At this point we all get excited because she came home with chocolate covered raisins.....a very large tub of them.  We eat our lunch and then indulge in some - I try to ignore the fact that they're not healthy and likely to give me sugar diabetes, cancer, or some other awful disease.  :-(

2:30 - Courtney, Jonathan, and I go to Wal-Mart  for some afternoon shopping.  Jonathan went along mainly to get his "body building supplies" (protein powder and gymn shorts) while Courtney and I pretty much browsed.  I passed a mirror in the clothes department and I am not feeling pretty today.  Courtney and I looked at various make-up options and agree that it is woefully overpriced!!!  

4:30 - We get back home and here I am on the computer, working on my blog.  What I really should be doing right now is Chemistry, cleaning the house, etc.......but lo, here I am, typing away!  Mainly to let all of you know that I am still alive and am back to blogging again.  :-)  Right now, Joshua is at my arm, saying "Come on, Rachel, play a game!"  He's wanting me to play matching cards again......so this post is over! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Sounds like a productive day!
I just thought I'd recommend that graduate shirt! http://store.nexternal.com/hslda/class-of-2012-t-shirt----girls-p207.aspx
Congratulations on being a Senior.
In Christ,
Amy K.

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