4th of July in Pictures

Monday, July 9, 2012

On the morning of the 4th, we all headed down to Benson for their great parade!  And...as I mentioned earlier, it DID get rained out!!!  However, the parade continued.  Everyone just got really....wet.  :-)

Isaac and Josh sporting their patriotic sunglasses.  So cute!  I especially love how their noses are too small to really hold up the glasses. :-)  Such cute little Americans!

  Me and Ashley, before it started to pour.

Mr. Doughty, Dad, and Mr. Addleman.

 You can see the threatening clouds rolling in just as the firetrucks made their debut.  All the floats and trucks that went by threw tons of candy out to the kids on the streets - even though I momentarily felt that little-kid urge to run out and scramble for them, I reminded myself that yes, I'm 19.  So I took ONE off the streets and peddled the rest from Amanda, our resident candy collector
(haha, thanks Amanda!!:-)
 Thank goodness someone brought a tent!!  We were all soaked!

 Traditional ice cream at the Dairy Queen on the corner....
After the parade, everyone goes to the park nearby and firefighters use their huge hoses to get everyone wet!  Much to their protest (but later to their delight), Dad took both boys over to get wet!

Moses?  He's been into the rod-over-the-head "let my people go" thing recently.  Ah well.  Sweet guy.

And another beautiful Arizona sunset....


Lily Marie said...

Love the little guys' sunglasses!! =)

Susanna Ormand said...

Looks like you all had fun! I still wish we could've gone though. The whole Moses thing was pretty cute!

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