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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So........many of you are probably aware that we have been "into" movie making for several years now.  (Nothing professional, obviously, but we get creative at home!!)  Well, after a bit of a video production slump for the last year, Jonathan and I got in the mood to make something together.  And here are the fruits of our labor.

Jon Jok Domonogue is a character that we use a ton in our little movie making world.  That's Jonathan.  And this time he has come out with his own album of songs for the world to enjoy.  And yes, I did make an appearance in the movie...so look for that.  :-)

 Take a look at his sneak-preview clip below!


Lesley said...

Oh, my.

1.) Jon does an amazing British accent...I love it!
2.) I about died laughing on the Gummy Bear song. :D

What fun you guys, thanks for sharing!

Sam said...

Very funny =]. Joseph can't wait for the release...he was cracking up the whole time (especially for the gummy bear song).

Emily said...

Ha, that was hilarious. You guys are the BEST.
SO buying that album! ( =

Rachel, how are you? Congratulations on graduating!

Much love,

Kelly said...

This had us all cracking up! *grin*

Cassandra said...

Rachel... that was hysterical, girl. You guys did a brilliant job!

a writing maiden said...

Haha! That's great! Jon Jok certainly has a wide range of voice talents, heehee!

We've thought of doing lip-sync videos before... I guess it does work! I might have to try it with my brother soon (he's 16!). :D

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...


I love you this big is a good song but Jonathan made it so funny!
and the gummy bear HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Oh that was funny

and the second one Me without you

God job Jonathan!!!

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...

Oh good job Rachel!!!!!!!

Jonathan Rachel make more movies!

Lisa said...


This is amazing!! Hilarious!!!

You guys look like you have just way too much fun...your brother is awesome! The western look and Blake Shelton song are by far the best ;)

You should really do this more often LOL...we watched it multiple times!

Mikala said...

That's awesome...I was LOL!!! :-) My sibs and I do the same thing, and we love it!

You guys do an awesome job. I loved that lost song about the gummy bear :-) And you and Jonathan make a great-looking couple for the "I Love You This Big" song :-)

Anna said...

Great video! You guys made it look professionally done! Amazing! After watching it, we alternately were praising you guys' talent and laughing at the gummy bear part....awesome job.....!

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