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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I had a wonderful 4th of July....it was different, but still fun.  For once in our parched state's life it actualy RAINED (think torrential downpour) during the parade and much of the rest of that day!  My phone kept giving me flash-flood warning alerts, which I didn't even know it was capable of doing, and we came home with mushy shoes and wet clothes.  But a fun time with friends was had....I personally loved the rain.  Who cares that the candy being thrown from the parade floats was landing the massive mud puddles?  The rain was worth it!

I have to apologize that I don't really having anything of interest to post today....honestly it's been a little boring picture-wise around here lately, plus I'm recovering from a red licorice - related stomach flu incident, so I needless to say I'm not exactly in the mood to do a big post right now.  :-)

However.  I am looking forward to church tomorrow ~ it is always so refreshing to be with other Christians and hear a good message....plus someone informed me that we are grilling out tomorrow (and I think corn on the cob will be involved), and my CPC training is coming up next week, plus payday is just one short day away.....

So life is good.  (Just don't mention licorice to me right now.) 


Lily Marie said...

Enjoy your corn on the cob dear. ;) Glad you had a happy 4th!-Lily

Susanna Ormand said...

I LOVE your outfit!
I had red white and blue clothes also. My red shirt from 2010, a blue denim shirt, and a little white 'shrug'. Kinda cute, but your's is just great.

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