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Friday, July 13, 2012

So, volunteer training for the Crisis Pregnancy Center finally began!  All day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I have been watching videos, seeing pictures, hearing personal testimonies, and listening to ex-abortion doctors tell their stories. 

It's partly horrifying.  Honestly, I've always known abortion was wrong...but only up until a year ago did I really begin to see it as very very wrong, something I needed to deal with personally. 

And now?  I'm just astounded at what I'm hearing.  I've always had a general idea of how abortions were performed, but seeing the actual tools, and hearing in graphic detail what actually happens.....it just takes my breath away.

I'm going through the Intimacy Before Impact training manual....basically it teaches you how to counsel effectively.  But it's so much more than just words on a page; each girl is going to be different and each situation unique. 

As a Client Advocate, I will have roughly 1 - 2 hours to speak with a pregnant girl, depending on what goes on.  One or two hours.  So little time to potentially make a difference in an unborn baby's life.  Right now I feel totally inadequate to really 'counsel' anybody or speak persuasively.....but I'm learning as much as I can during training, plus I will be able to shadow an experienced Client Advocate for 6 weeks (thank heavens!) before I start on my own. 

But most importantly, I believe God will give me the right words to say in each situation.  It will simply have to be Him working with me, because I have zero "credentials" that make me qualified for this job!  Honestly!  I've never had an abortion, never been pregnant, never been married, never even had a boyfriend, and haven't even known someone who has been in a crisis pregnancy situation. 

So I'm completely expecting God to show up in those counseling sessions.  (Because if He doesn't I will be in serious trouble.)

But He will.  He always comes through.  :-) 
"......for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” (Luke 12:12 b)

Just wanted to give you a little update, thats all......tomorrow is my last big training day, and then Client-Advocate-Shadowing-Time begins. 

More updates to come....maybe when I'm through with training and have a little more time next week I'll share a bit more of what I've been learning. 


Kelly said...

Praising God for your heart on this Rachel. I will be praying for you as you go forward with this.

Susanna Ormand said...

Wow! how exciting! I know you've always to be a nurse. I hope you have a great time ministering to young mothers.

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