Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


~the feeling I got as I was wrapping a sock in my hair, attempting to do the "sock bun" hairstyle.  (see right: and no that's not me. :-) And yes, it did work; looked pretty good too (especially since the sock stayed hidden under my hair:-)

~jagged fingernails, compliments of my teeth.  When I was little my mom gave me the Berenstein Bears "Sister Bear Learns Not to Bite Her Nails" paperback, but somehow the message didn't *quite* sink in.  I try not to bite them, only happens when I'm bored or nervous.  Honestly, the only way I can keep from biting them is if they're always painted...nail polish tastes bad!!

~getting way too goofy with my little brothers.....having so much fun and then realizing that I'm running around on my knees and saying things like "I'm going to eat you"....they were having a ball and laughing like crazy, but since when did canibal tendencies enter my world of fun?!  Oh dear.  Guess that just proves I have way too much fun with those two goof balls.

~going to bed knowing ahead of time I would probably dream about 60 ft. anacondas after watching Vision Forum's The Mystery of the Amazon.  Hmmm.  Thankfully I didn't.  But snakes do enter my dreams quite a bit, especially after reading stories on the news about the python in the babycrib.  Hey, even watching a cartoon version of The Creation Story with my little brothers can trigger a dream about nasty serpents coiled with me in bed. 

~feeling like I should pluck/shape my eyebrows??!! but being way too much of a weeny to do it.  Seriously who has time to sit in front of a mirror with tweezers and pull out hairs?  Actually most women do have time for it.  My problem isn't time, it's guts.  I am SUCH a wimp.  So when it comes to eyebrow shaping/ear piercing, I am a no-go.  So I'll just have to go with the messy John the Baptist wilderness look I guess?  Ah, I'm exagerating.  Simply not a big priority for me - would be nice, but not worth the pain.


~my trip to Summit Ministries in just exactly a month!  So excited about this!  If I were a "cool" person I guess I should say something like "I'm really stoked about it" right?  I don't know.  I'm not up on cool words.  I've never used that one so it feels weird to start using it now.

~getting $5 in tips at work in one morning.  Sounds pathetic (it is) but I'm used to getting a dollar or less.  So that's pretty good for one shift.  I'm working movie night this Saturday....I've heard it gets really busy and you'll get a ton of tips, so we'll see. 

~going out to Starbucks with my dad!  I never go there because it is so beastly expensive, but I happened to have a coupon from Dad for such a time, so it was delish.  :-)  Seriously, what could be better than sitting in a Starbucks and people-watching while savoring a Java Chip and enjoying good conversation with one's dad?  It was fun.

~getting long texts from a good Christian friend at work....getting emails from a very dear sister in Christ....and getting together with good Christian friends (like we'll be doing this weekend!).  I love being able to be around people that I can talk openly with and be encouraged by.

So, what was "awkward or awesome" about your week?


Susanna Ormand said...

I don't pluck my eyebrows either!
I've never looked intently at your eyebrows, nor have I ever thought
'Wow........She has weird eyebrows!' :)
Awkward: Having the little boy you babysit hate you.
Awesome: Finding a cool new hairstile after your 'everlasting' one you always wear.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried having your eyebrows waxed instead of tweezing them? I have the sort of eyebrows that essentially turn into a *cough* unibrow *cough* if I don't keep them under control, and having them waxed once in a while makes them easier to take care of. It does sting a little, but in my opinion not nearly as much as tweezing does. Just a thought from someone who has dealt with this issue a lot. :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Thanks Gretchen for the tip! I have heard of waxing but I know even that hurts a little. Me and pain aren't good buddies. :-)

Susanna....thank you that you think my eyebrows are normal! lol Actually it's not really that big of a deal - I don't study people's eyebrows either. :-)
Hey, that is "awesome" that you have a new hair do; doesn't it feel nice?!

Susanna Ormand said...

Your welcome! And by the way, the sock bun thing looks really cool!
I totally wanna know how it's done.

Rachel's Blog said...

Hey Susanna, if you bring a sock that sort of matches your hair color (a light colored sock) I can show you at church this Sunday, kay? It's SUPER easy and your hair is the perfect length for it. You'll also need some bobby pins and a pony tail. :-)

Susanna Ormand said...

I'm not sure if I can find a yellow, or 'blond' sock, but I'll see what I can do. What about white? That's pretty much all we have. But I can supply everything else. Thx for wanting to show me!
I'm so exited! :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Hey Susanna, white is fine, anything that will blend with your hair color. If your hair is lighter, then don't use black!

Susanna said...

Thx, and Grace is thinking it may work out if she does it! What size should the sock be? Just because her hair is dark, it's WAY more easier to find a good sock. Is her hair a good length?
Thx again!

Susanna said...

I'm not sure if I want to mess up my hair for church.......... Is it okjay if You show me real quick on you? If you have a great hairstyle as well, then I can sacrifice. :)
What size of sock do I need: no-show, ankle, or crew?
Thx so much!

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