CPC update: Life After Abortion

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The following video is just a small clip of the full hour documentary that I watched during training last week.  Just one of many heart-wrenching movies that we volunteers viewed during those three days.
I thought some of you might be interested in getting another peek into the whole issue of abortion. 

As I get more and more into this battle for life, I am simply more shocked than ever that we have allowed millions of kids to be murdered before they even have a chance at life beyond the womb.  It's an atrocity - and I feel more motivated than ever to stand up and advocate for these babies who don't yet have a voice to speak for themselves.  It's like orphans....never gave them too much thought until three of them become my own brothers.  Suddenly, there's a face to the millions of children without parents - now, adoption is a very important issue for me.  And, surprise surprise, God weaves that love for adoption into my new passion for life.  Women with unplanned/unwanted pregnancies need to know that adoption is a loving and valid option.  My own brothers are living proof that it works!

Anyway....here's the movie clip.  It's sad, but was another eye-opener for me.

 *Viewer discretion cautioned....might not be appropriate for young children*


The Farmgirl said...

HI Rachel, Thanks for the updates on your CPC training. What a wonderful way for you to serve the Lord in such a greatly needed area. It never ceases to amaze me how much more concern people have for animals(don't get me wrong, I dearly enjoy the amazing creatures God made for us)than for little babies who don't have a say in whether they live or die! It is an atrocity that so many married couples want to have children and can't or want to adopt and the waiting is endless and yet everyday so many, many lives are lost to abortion.May God go with you on this heart-breaking yet so needed journey! He who is faithful will do it as you step out for HIM! Blessings.....Teresa

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