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Monday, May 24, 2010

I thought everyone would enjoy this "trailer" for the new church that might be coming your way sometime soon. It's hilarious - but also sad, since it is so true of churches today. Many churches these days are no different than the world and have made what is supposed to be a worship of God into a rock and roll band that they call church. What has happened????

This movie shows a very accurate example of what "seeker sensitive" churches are like today - I've never been to one like this (thankfully!) but I know they are everywhere.


Leah said...

He he. That is humorous in a way, but quite sad. I have gone to a church similar to this before and they do seem to be changing drastically in a bad way. I just don't understand how that can be church...:(

Thanks for sharing.



Anonymous said...

brought tears to my eyes. We used to attend this very church.....

blessings, Kate

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