Isaac, you're sweet.

Friday, May 7, 2010

We just measured Isaac again the other day, and he has gained 2 pounds and 1 inch since we first got him! I'm sure the diet change from rice to every food available has helped some. :)

photo by Courtney
He's adjusted marvelously ~ and has learned several words. He can say most of our names, though not clearly, because of his open palate. His vocabulary at this point includes hello, night-night, I love you, doggie, horsie, woof-woof, outside, banana, ......and his latest addition,

"Oooh la-la!"
Okay, he learned that one with a little help. From me.

He can usually be found dragging laundry baskets around or slamming doors shut, and promptly declares "Upma!" anytime he sees a vulnerable sibling.

(Upma, if you didn't know, means up. Pick me up. Now.)
But he is really a very sweet little guy and, after a temper tantrum, will go to the offended sibling and sign "all done, happy face!" (With prompting, obviously. He's not that perfect.)

He is such a blessing in my life and I just can't believe he's finally here! Oh how I love you, little guy!!!!


Lindsay said...

Awww.... I bet that's SO cute when
he says "Oooh la-la!" How sweet!! :D

Jenna said...

He is precious, Rachel! Chinese children is so adorable. I feel so blessed to have my little Chinese sister, Jessa! She constantly brings a smile to my face. The Lord is so good, isn't He?!

Your Sister In Christ,

Lily said...

Aww--is he ever adorable! I know, Rachel, I like never comment on your blog but I think I will continue now. It is very tranquil and refreshing. So glad you've all got your little Isaac!

Proclaiming His Name,

Covey Family said...

He is sooooo cute!!!


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