Sunday Snapshot: Courtney

Saturday, May 8, 2010

This week's Sunday Snapshot is Courtney ~ my older sister and possibly my best friend!
Because she's two and a half years older than me, she got to a lot of the "firsts" before I did. This has usually been okay; but one of the worst firsts she's ever had was when she decided she was too old to play dolls with me.

Oh that was a hard time for me! Dad tried to console me by offering to get on the floor and play dolls right alongside me.....but boy was he bad at it. (Have any of you girls ever had your dad try to play dolls with you? It doesn't work very well.)

But then, a year or two later, I came around and finally agreed with Courtney; and dolls were no longer on my radar screen. As we've gotten older, our interests have become more similar, but still very different. For instance, I love to sew, journal, and take care of our goats - but she can't stand any of those things. (Especially that last one.)

But even though our interests differ, she and I can have great conversations on topics we both agree on; such as, Will I ever get married? How could I ever live without chocolate? What should I do with my hair? What part of the Bible have you been reading? Don't you think we should keep the house cleaner?

We can have great (and often hilarious) conversations about any of these topics. And she's great at laughing with me, not at me!

I am so glad I have a sister ~ how boring it would be if I didn't! Brothers are special, but sisters are super-special.


Hannah grace said...

Sisters are VERY special.I have Five sisters.two older and three younger.they are very special

Jennifer R said...

Ive always wished I had a sister... I just have more sisters in Christ! :) Great pictures!

Kelsianne said...

I love having five brothers, but, as you said, sisters are super special. Not that I love one sibling more than the other, it's just lots of fun to share secrets, laugh, play, and giggle with sisters! I am the oldest girl (16, almost 17) and have two younger sisters: Mykaela age 10, and Keturah, age 4. It's been tons of fun doing things with them, and I get to experiance all the "firsts" and they can simply follow! We still have a lot in common! :)
Great Post!
Your sister in Christ, (!!)

Prairie Momma said...

Great post!! yes, I remember feeling SO sad when my sister didn't want to play with me any more.. she always wanted to read books and such.. now, I really appreciate her maturity! She can share so many things with me.. if I am struggling with keeping my heart pure, she can tell me the things she used when she was going through that time! It is wonderful.. however, I do agree that the dad's, try as they might, just can't do as good a job of playing dolls!! lol
Thank you for sharing. Sisters are the best thing for a girl to have (besides Christ, of course!)

In Christ,

Lesley said...

I agree Rachel! You have a great sister and are very blessed! Sisters are the bestest!:)

Ashley Roy said...

Sisters are very special! I only have one sister and even though we seem to not get along, she is the world to me! The disagreements just show that we have different views, but we can learn form each other!

Lindsay said...

What a sweet post about Courtney, Rachel!! I really love the pictures, and all the things you said about sisters are just so true! :)

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