The pregnant ladies

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, here they are: our pregnant does. Pearl is on the left, and Daisy is on the right. And for those of you wondering, NO, Daisy has STILL not kidded yet! But she's gettin' there. :)

Look how big she is! What do you think - four, five six babies in there? (Just kidding - I'm thinking maybe two!)

This picture shows how big her belly is. Goats are supposed to have a large belly anyway, due to a healthy rumen, but Daisy is a smaller goat so this much stomach on her just looks HUGE!

On the way back to the house after taking these pictures, Isaac and I stopped to say hi to the kitties. Helen was nowhere is sight and Thelma-Lou was napping, so we played with Juanita. Our friendliest cat, by the way.


Jenna said...

Oh, wow! Daisy is definitely LARGE! It looks like you all are going to have two or three more baby goats from Daisy real soon! :)
Have a blessed evening!

Your Sister In Christ,

Lindsay said...

Wow... I can't believe Daisy still hasn't kidded yet! It looks like she'll be ready *very* soon though! Awww... Juanita is just too cute! It looks like Isaac has a new little friend. :)

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