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Friday, May 14, 2010

I am currently reading this book, "All Glorious Within" by Tiffany Schlicter.

And yes, all of you girls at church who get the magazine "Virtuous Daughters", this book is worth getting! I ordered it with some birthday money I received from my grandparents this year (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!) and am about half way through with it. So far it is excellent. Tiffany does a great job going through various topics that concern Christian girls today!

A few of the topics discussed in the book are modesty, why you shouldn't trust your heart, good friends, and 'running the race'. She also sprinkles personal diary entries throughout chapters to give you a look into her own life - how she has handled emotions, trials, and lonelines.

The only place you can order it at this time is through Tiffany, or at CBD.com.

Tiffany also publishes a magazine for young ladies entitled, "Virtuous Daughters". I have received it for several years and have really enjoyed it! If anyone's interested in learning more about how to subscribe, please drop me a comment and I'll email you privately, okay?

What have you all been reading lately? I am always on the hunt for good books like this ~ any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, my name is Amy and have enjoyed "exploring" your blog. That book sounds interesting thanks for sharing!
I enjoy reading (when I have time) and at this point am reading "Dug Down Deep; Unearthing what you believe and why it matters" by Joshua Harris and so far (through chapter 5) I can recommend this book! An encouraging book I've also read for ladies is "Let Me Be A Woman" by Elisabeth Elliot also very good.

Thanks for your encouraging blog!
Continue in Christ!

Joanna said...

Sounds like a marvelous book! I'm checking it out on CBD. There is another book I might suggest, but I haven't read it yet, so I'll wait. :-) Look for my suggestion later.

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