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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi everyone - I'm sorry I haven't posted recently, but we have just be SO busy! Nothing unusual, mind you; but cleaning the house, taking care of spontaneous diaper explosions from you-know-who, :) trying to finish school, make all takes time!

But, at least I'm not bored.
Oh, and of course, Daisy still hasn't kidded yet! But she waddles out of her pen every morning, looking tired and just so ready to be DONE with pregnancy. I really feel sorry for her!
Besides all this, our garden is up and running; we desperately need to weed it! We have all the summer crops to plant this week, so that will be fun.
Thankfully, we haven't seen many rattlesnakes yet this summer, so that has been a blessing. Jonathan continues to train his horses pretty much every day; and the dogs have been very agitated at the little kitties they see running around!
So, saying all this, I will definitely try to post with some pictures this week ~ I really thought I'd have photos of the new baby goats by now, but not so! They should appear on the blog within a week or two.
Have a great day, everyone!


Leah said...

You do sound busy! I hope everything is going well and Daisy kidds soon!

Thanks for the update on your life and I am looking forward to seeing photos. :D I love seeing your farm.



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