Dad's Birthday Celebration

Monday, February 14, 2011

My dad's birthday falls on Valentine's Day....awwww! He says he used to get teased about it when he was little but now he likes it. :-) However, since Dad has to work today, we celebrated yesterday, Sunday evening.

One of David's award winning smiles - I don't remember his card being that funny!

My gift to Dad was a bag of red licorice! He is notoriously allergic to chocolate so I got him his second favorite treat.

Since Isaac was already put to bed when we opened presents last night, he got to present his special card to Dad this morning before devotions.

Cutie pie - camoflauge PJ's and all!

Yes, you're seeing correctly: Isaac is playing with a doll. It's that he likes playing with it, but he found it in Courtney's closet and, after being scared to death of it, has latched on to it and does everything with it. This morning he decided it was named "Baby Isaac". He's very distraught over the fact that baby has a hole in her outfit - and today he was trying to feed it licorice .

Oh well. At least you can see the semi-manly krinkle car in the backround. He does play with boy toys 99% of the time...but this one we just can't shake!


Kelsianne said...

A friend of mine has a birthday today, as well as my brother, Josh! :) Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Kelsianne said...

Oh, and my little 6 year old brother, Josiah loves to play "Mom and Dad" with his sister/best buddy Keturah (4) including playing with a big doll. He still likes all those "Boy toys" though, and I figure he'll have to learn how to be a daddy sometime! ;)

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