Update on the Home Front!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Well, welcome to our temporarily 5 member family! It feels strange not having Mom or Courtney around....but we're hangin in there.

Isaac has been so well behaved today - I've given him pieces of licorice for good behavior and to top it all off, he got a Mrs. Potato Head set!!

He was thrilled!

The boys have been busy outside burning tumbleweeds. It was cold and blustery, and they decided they needed a break.....

So out came the marsmallows!

David!! Marshmallows don't taste that bad!

And that's it from here!!


Jenna said...

Thank you for sharing all the pictures, Rachel! I enjoyed them! :)

Nightingale said...

Love your posts, Rachel! Looks like everyone is doing fine......Isaac included! We're in Hong Kong and are very tired, but we are ALMOST there!!

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