Awkward and Awesome Monday

Monday, July 2, 2012

~Watching Bill Cosby shows on Youtube betwixt customers at the coffee shop.
~The word 'betwixt'
~Loving my mom's incredible enchilada casserole even though I'm not a fan of Mexican food
~The lovely monsoon weather that has finally rolled in
~Making cookies and cleaning the kitchen (yes, I actually do enjoy that)
~Getting to meet some Christian kids my age where I work
~Making a short video clip with my brother (coming soon on the blog!)
~Actually having a red/white/blue outfit to wear on the 4th of July

~Locking myself out of the coffee shop and having to call my manager to come unlock it for me.  Yeah.  Embarrassing.
~Attending my very first youth group meeting - a girl I work with invited me to it and I decided to go. It was actually a decent service, except for the strobe lights.  Plus the fact that the service was half in Spanish made things a little difficult. :-)
~Sitting next to a guy at the youth group and being asked in front of the entire group if I was his girlfriend.  Oh yes, that was awkward.  (Because no I am not!)
~Dealing with an ingrown toenail - sort of.  Not really awkward, just painful.
~Telling your little brother a story about a snake, realizing as an afterthought that snake stories as bedtime stories will likely produce nightmares for them, and then having one myself.  :-)


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in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will
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Proverbs 3:5-6

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