Coffee in 100* + Weather

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it?  Well, I just realized how silly it is for me to be sitting here and fanning myself, complaining about how hot it is, while drinking a cup of hot, hot coffee. 

But I had the urge for a cup when my free samples arrived in the mail the other day.  A few weeks ago, I signed up for a free sample of Taster's Choice coffee!  I've done this before, but this time I was able to sign up for two packs.  Altogether I have a dozen little packets, all of different flavors.  Exciting for me, yes!  I like coffee - except for the fact that it often keeps me awake at night.  The sad reality of caffeine.  It also gives me a headache.  As well as just a general not-good feeling.

But one small cup in the morning once in a long while doesn't seem to bother me.  Once a month is fine.  Once a week is borderline. But once a day is out of the question. 

I mainly like coffee because it tastes good....but another great aspect of coffee is that it always reminds my of my grandparents - both sets.   You know how certain smells or sounds can trigger your memory and remind you of days gone by?  Coffee is one of those smells for me!  I have fond memories of when my grandparents would come to visit; I'd walk in the kitchen in the morning and there would be my grandma / grandpa, eating cereal and waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  It's such a comforting smell to me.....Mom and Dad never drink coffee so it is only a grandparent-related scent!!!!

So, grandparents, as you're reading reminds me of you.  It gives me a headache and a stomachace too, if I drink it too often.....but I love how, when I DO pour myself a cup, it brings back that warm memory of you.  :-) 

(NOTE:  the headache and the stomachache don't remind me of you; just the smell.  Just wanted to make that clear.) :-)


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