Goats, Muffins, and Little Boys

Thursday, June 16, 2011

When do you know that it's time to post on your blog again???  First would be that self alarm clock that says, "ding ding ding..you haven't posted in three days.."

Second would be your mom saying, "Boy Rachel, you sure haven't posted in a while."

And third would be, when your grandpa tells you to update!!  Yes Grandpa, Mom told me of your request to update, so here it is!!!  :-)  Lazy me, lazy me.....(actually it's been busy me, busy me, BUSY ME!)


I just love how my little brothers (the younger set, that is) are so innocent and unaware of people's opinions.  Besides Mom and Dad, they're the only people in this family I can get to admit that these baby goats are actually cute!  Silly, isn't it?  I know I'm biased, but baby anything is cute.  Even a baby skunk is cute.  To some degree.  But you have to at least agree that these little guys are just the cutest, right?  Unfortunately I seem to be rather alone in my opinion....  *Sigh*   It's my constant goal in life to get Courtney to even pet one. 

Leo, one of Daisy's babies, has a knack for escaping the fence, so he's often prancing around our yard and porch.  I have to say, this has been the worst goat year ever for me.  I've had to deal with bloat, ketosis, goat death, difficult births, orphaned babies, and most recently, scours.  But.....I think the majority of the crisis has past, so maybe life will soon return to normal.  I'm counting down the days until bottle feeding is over!!  Oh, what a glorious day that will be!!

I am often telling Isaac and Joshua, "won't it be so fun when you're old enough to help sissy milk?"  Another favorite is, "if you stay dry today you can come help sissy feed the baby goats!"   :-)  They are always eager to come out and help!

I have been busily baking away this week, trying to build up my collection of recipes over at my canning website.  I have a very small start so far, but my goal is to add a few recipes a week.  That should add up quickly!  My all time favorite muffin, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, is featured here

Bad quality photo, but a priceless moment I just had to capture. 

Once again, this post has consisted of "Isaac and my stinky goats".....but alas I had no other pictures on my camera!!  And hey, I did get a picture of muffins.  That was progress.  One of these days, I will get some interesting family news on here - life does consist of more than my adorable little brothers and my adorable little goats!!  :-)  :-)


Kiah said...

I, for one, will agree with you that your baby goats are very cute, even if the only people we share that opinion with are little boys under the age of five!

God bless you Rachel! I so enjoy reading your blog.

~Kiah B.

Carilyn said...

Aw, your baby goats are cute! If I had land (and money), I'd say could you send some up here. ;)

Kayla said...

Rachel, please tell Courtney that I think the goats are ADORABLE and that she needs to be out there more often. Also, did I see that one of the goats was out of it's pen? Or did you just make the pen bigger? We haven't been to the farm in so long. I haven't even seen any of the goats yet. Maybe next weekend.

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