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Monday, June 6, 2011

We don't normally get Mom in pictures (I don't know why, it just doesn't seem to happen very often!!) but I thought this was a fantastic one of her and Joshua.    Josh is such a hoot and loves to make faces like these - though it's not so funny when you're trying to get a decent picture!  :-)

Jonathan making eggs for breakfast this morning.  He sometimes makes these really great egg things that have pepper jack cheese and bacon bits on top - delicious!! This morning it was plain old scrambled eggs, though!  Jonathan is another one that seems to not make it on the blog very often, either.  As I've said in earlier posts, I've been accused of posting about nothing but "Isaac and my stinky goats".....but I am trying to branch out here!!  It's just so easy and fun to take picture after picture of the two little boys because they're such cutie patooties.  And the goats, well, they're just my "thing".

Isaac has a new habit of answering a question before the answer has been given.  If he asks to do bubbles or watch a movie, for example, I'll start to say, "weeeeeellll.........."  very slowly.  He finishes it by saying, "well, okay."  He certainly knows how to answer his own questions satisfactorily!!  

A picture of a pitchfork?  Well, I was feeling creative.  Like I said, I'm trying to branch out here.  If this post isn't containing goats, it can at least show a picture of what they eat.  :-)  I just thought this was kind of a rustic picture.

  And by the way, that isn't even a pitchfork.  Nope.  It's a potato digger.  But it's what we have laying around and I've used it forever, and the fork constantly slips off the handle and that drives me NUTS.....but, it's just one of those things that you can't get rid of.  It just hangs around.  (Speaking of which, I have a post coming up on that very topic.....junky items falling apart that I can't seem to get rid of.)

Another great one of Mom and Joshua!!  Congratulations to me, I've succeeded in getting Mom on the blog TWICE in one post!!  

Yes, animal crackers for breakfast.  That's another secret I haven't let out.  I LOVE animal crackers.  I think this small scale addiction stemmed from my grandma bringing a huge bag of animal crackers for us every time she visisted years ago. It's an odd feeling when Mom comes home from the store and says "surprise!" as she hands my toddler brothers boxes of animal crackers.....because I suddenly wish she'd brought ME one, too! 

So, you now know a new fact about me; I love little kid snacks.  (I also happen to lvoe teddy grahams, but I won't go into that one.)


Carilyn said...

I thought I'd comment and tell you that I saw your article about canning in Countryside! =) I haven't finished reading it yet, but I recognized you as soon as I saw your picture in there. =)

Ah, yes. 'Pitchforks'. We have some of those too. They really are handy things. =) (I don't know that we have any that are falling apart, though. Just bent tines. Does that count? =)


Lesley said...

Teddy Grahams are the BEST.EVER! ;D

Carilyn said...

My older sibling is a sister too. =)

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