Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Sunday afternoon, most of our family headed to the local pool!  Sunday is "family day" so admission is only $1 per person - and kids 6 and under swim free!  Very cheap!

 This was Joshua's first time ever in the swimming pool, so he was a little hesitant at first.  I think he was wondering what on earth the sunscreen, thongs, and swimming trunks were for!!  He loved getting his toes wet, but once we got waist deep he was clinging onto us for dear life!

Isaac wasn't afraid in the least - he went swimming last summer and he acted like he really knew what he was doing! Arm floats weren't allowed in the pool (rats) so we just had to carry them around with us.  Isaac kept trying to get down and was saying "No - Isaac big boy!", but I told him over and over that he would sink if I put him down.

Arm floats were allowed in the little kid pool that was a few feet deep, so we were at least able to do that.  Isaac is very independant (or at least tries to be) and loved going it on his own.

Once Joshua got in the water for a little bit, he started to have a good time; but he definitely never lost his death hold on whoever was carrying him.

 Your's truly.  Pardon the messy hair.

 Our little "twin" boys!!  Mom dresses them in matching quite often, so when we go out it's not uncommon for people to ask if they are twins.  They always look a little confused when we tell them that they're year apart - and then they want to know if Courtney is the mom.   Do you know, I've never once in my life been asked if I'm any of my sibling's mother??  Since she was about 13, Courtney has been continuously asked by people if she is our mom (never EVER understood that one). And now, even at the age of 18, I must still fail to look my age, because I was recently mistaken for a 14 year old.  Ahem.  And Jonathan was recently mistaken for a 19 year old - yep, that really made me feel good........ 

 Joshua did much better in the little pool, although as he mingled with some of the other kids I could tell he was getting lost!  Everywhere he turned someone was splashing him in the face or bumping into him.  Poor guy!  Several times I had to redirect him over to our little corner of the pool. 

 Toddler swimming lessons.  We start early!  :-)  All of us older kids got years of swimming lessons when we were younger - now it's time for Isaac and Joshua to start learning how to float on your back, hold your breath, etc.

 Too cute!

And that concludes our time at the pool!  It has been SO incredibly hot here; yesterday it was 105*.  Swimming was the perfect activity for that kind of weather.  I hope we do it again soon!


Joshua said...

Wow, $1 to go swimming. I thought it would be free even if it is a local pool. Maybe I am thinking of a community pool. Well anyways, glad you were able to cool off from the extremely hot weather. It has been hot here, but not as hot as 105 degrees. Ouch!

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Carrie said...

My sister also has been mistaken as being a mom to one of our siblings before! And, sometimes, people think she is married to my dad!! How weird is that?? And I have never been mistaken as being a mom or wife before (except maybe once, but if so, it was an extreme rarity!). So funny that we have this in common too! =)

Heather S. said...

I get mistaken for 14 too, Rachel, and remember I'm only 2 weeks older than you! Oh, and have I mentioned that I still get asked if I need a kid's menus at restruants... *sigh* But it did feel good a couple of months ago when I got asked if I was 21... I said, "No, I'm 17" (I was 17 at the time) Then they asked how old my LITTLE brother was.. I replied 20! Hahaha! I have to say, you Do look much older without the bangs and braces...

~Hannah~ said...

Rachel the other day it was 113.

Dad said...

Dear Rachel,

As always, I enjoy your encouragement to observe and enjoy God's creation. BTW, why didn't you go swimming with CK? Don't let the lack of towels stop you next time!


Dear Ol' Dad

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