Kitties, Kitties, EVERYWHERE!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our property is currently overrun with cats.  I never would have believed that we would have SO MANY!!  My Dad is deathly allergic to cats in the first place, so that's why we have never owned one in our lives.  But sometime last year we got a few to "keep around the barnyard to chase away mice".  

Uh, yeah right. 
We now have 14 cats that have decided to make their entrance into the world, and now?  They've decided that our farm is home sweet home.  

Sweet for them maybe. 

 Now days, when we back the van out of the carport, we have to go extra slow and toot the horn and bang around and make a lot of noise, just to make sure we don't run over some poor kitten.
 Well, they ARE pretty cute...but each one of these kitties represents a feed bill!!  We are trying to get rid of them, but so far, no one seems very interested.  (Huh, can't blame them really.:-)

Just imagine.  If each of our nine girl cats has even five kittens next spring, we'll have 45 more kittens.  (By the way, that would make the grand total  nearly 60 cats. )
Not interested - it's already starting to feel like a zoo around here!

Doesn't someone want this adorable little fuzz ball that will eat you out of house and home?  C'mon, now!

We stopped naming kittens ages ago - got too confusing.  However, since Emma only has three, and her's are older and we're more familiar with them, we did name them.  Isaac deemed this one "Matt".  Matt the cat IS a boy, by the way.
Anyone who is interested in kittens?  PLEASE let me know.  You can have them. 




Abby said...

AWWWW! They're darlings! I really wish we could have one... but our mom would not agree. :)

Moriah Simonowich said...

These kittens are SO sweet!!!!
I wish I could have the first kitty. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

Not trying to be mean or judgemental here, but if you had neutured your initial cats you would not have this problem. Pet ownership is a responsibility and you can't expect to own un-neutured cats and not have kittens. It's not very resbonsible pet ownership. I know neutering is costly but there are some schemes that allow you do it for free. Check with your vet.

Best Wishes,

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