Joshua's Horse

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not a real horse, obviously!!  Both little boys love to play on a plastic horse we have sitting on our back porch.  And I do mean love.  We've had numerous fights over this horse; it's quite popular. (Thanks D. family for loaning it to us - Isaac and Joshua play with it EVERY day!)  

There's really not much to say here - I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!!  I just can't get over how cute my little brother is....he is going to make some young lady swoon someday......!!!:-)  He makes ME swoon and he's not even four yet. 

Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exageration.  He's just so stinkin' cute that I can't help but brag.


Cassie said...

Joshua is cute. He's super-cute actually. *smiles*

I love the pictures, Rachel. We've got some cute pictures of Cora on that horse too... she loved it as well!


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