Potty-training Secrets

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hi everyone!!  It's me, your favorite blogger - Isaac!

Rachel took a ton of really great pictures of me the other day and I felt I just HAD to share them.  I have a few other things to share with you, too.  Some secrets.
Sshhhhh!!   Now don't tell anybody, 'cuz this is top-secret stuff. 


 Yep, pretty neat, isn't it? 

Okay, maybe I exagerated just a little.  What I meant to say, is that I'm working on being potty trained.  Like right now.  Rachel calls it "staying dry".  She says that even though we need rain badly around these parts, she wants to see a drought in my diaper.  

Wait - that's not right.  I meant to say pull-up.  Yeah.  Diapers are for little kids, but since Rachel says I'm almost a big man like Daddy, I get to wear pull-ups.  I asked if Daddy wore pullups one time, and everyone laughed at me.  Wonder why?  I mean, it makes sense to me. 
Course, Joshua's just a kid, so he has to wear diapers.  Hah!  Big kids like me get to wear pull-ups.  And mine have cowboys and racecars on them.  It's pretty neat.

When I go potty I get TWO goldfish.  Watch me say the word.  TWWWOOOO. 
Mama gives me three when I have a happy face about it.  That's...... well, most of the time.

And I get M&M's for.......oops, Rachel says I better not talk about that.  Let's just say that I get two kinds of treats for two kinds of victories.  I get the feeling that Mama isn't real happy when I fail to win that second victory.  But.... easy come, easy go.

So my friends, that's the news from here.  Let me know if you ever need potty rewards, 'cuz Mama has a huge stash in her closet.  You wouldn' believe how big the box of Goldfish she has is!  I guess I'm pretty well-supplied.  For now.  The next step is big-boy-briefs.  (But that'll be another post.)


Ashlin said...

Aww! Those are cute pictures, and that's a very funny post! Haha! :)

Abby said...

Awww... you're so cute, Isaac! I loved this post. :) Congratulations on the training.

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