Father's Day In Pictures

Monday, June 20, 2011

A little late, but finally our Father's Day pictures!  We had a great time and I think Dad felt special.  :-)

Isaac and Joshua were VERY excited to help Dad unwrap his gifts!  Isaac kept singing "Happy Birthday to you...."  It was so cute!

Dad got bonfire equipment - the real, heavy duty things!  No more wire hangers for marshmallows.....now we can have a sophisticated bonfire.  

 Sweet Isaac. :-)

Courtney and I took pictures of each other taking pictures!

 An extremely rare photo of both of us! 

Dad got a 4th of July shirt!  Perfect for our upcoming cookout celebration!


Lesley said...

No more wire hangers?? That's kinda sad...such good memories of campfires when we were there! lol! ;)
Happy Father's Day to your dad!

Dad said...

Dear Daughter Rachel,

Thanks for the great Father's Day post. But most of all, thanks for your heart that points the way to our savior. Your spiritual sensitivity is a delight.

Your admiring father,

Dear 'Ol Dad

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