4th of July Treats

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I saw the cutest idea for patriotic parfaits - I made them the other day and they were a hit!

Raspberry jell-o on the bottom, a layer of french vanilla pudding in the middle, and blueberries sprinkled on top.  It was a very refreshing dessert.  I probably would use just plain vanilla pudding next time, since the french vanilla looks too yellow-ish.  I didn't really achieve the red WHITE and blue that I was hoping for....but it was still delicious!  No one minded!

 With the kind of weather we're having, these cold parfaits were perfect.

 I also made chocolate / caramel apples.  (Unhealthy, but it IS the 4th of July.)  First I dipped them in caramel and let them harden in the refrigerator for an hour.

 Then I dipped them in chocolate....

 ....and immediately sprinkled them!  Again, these were supposed to have red white and blue star sprinkles, but our store didn't carry them!!  Oh well!
 We have yet to eat these, but they are on the menu for today's dessert.  They look VERY rich and scrumptious!

Isaac, as usual, wanted to help!  The caramels were individually wrapped and took forever to unwrap...but he did a great job of helping me.  He was in a good mood because I told him he might get a caramel when we were all done unwrapping, so he was the most respectful and cheerful young man you've ever seen.  "Yes ma'am Rachel", "Thank you ma'am", "I love you Rachel", "Yes ma'am".........

What bribery can do!!!


Sam said...

Those all look delicious! I want to try out those parfaits some time. =]

Cassie said...

Oh, my, Rachel!

You're making me hungry!

Happy 4th of July, dear friend!

Joshua1:9 said...

Very cute!

I just saw these ideas on another blog - they are along the same line. Mrs. Caballero


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