Grocery Shopping

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh dear, this sounds like another boring post.........but bear with me!!  Shopping in a town with a population of 4,000 CAN be interesting if you try!  :-)  Dad is coming home from work today, so we decided to get what we needed for a nice meal this afternoon. 

 The little boys are always SO excited to go shopping.  At Dollar General they get teddy grahams or M&Ms and Safeway is string cheese.  What fun! 
 Here is Mr. Self Righteous.  He has become quite the Holier-Than-Thou older brother these days.  If you lived with us you would hear the phrase "Naughty Joshua" being spoken, well, quite often.  (Actually, he pronounces it "Naughty Washua".  He hasn't quite gotten the "J" down yet.) 

Safeway......our exhilerating destination!  Normally I run over to Beall's while Mom is in Safeway (it' just across the parking lot - and Fridays are 15% off!!) but today I decided to come along for pictures. 

 This shopping trip was a big excitement for the boys because they got to sit in the car basket.  A rare treat because it's a pain the neck to heave through the narrow aisles it's reserved for special occasions only.  They were thrilled to ride in it!  Don't they look so cute together?  We get asked a lot if they are twins.

You can see how we are hogging up the entire aisle having a great time! 

Me posing in front of the many lovely laundry detergent options. 
 Oh dear, the epitomy of a boring blog post!!  What we bought!!  At least you can see that we're eating healthy.  Strawberries, bagels, and sweet potatoes.  Oh, and bathroom wipes too.  I'm making pies this afternoon so we needed a lot of them.  (Uh, alot of strawberries that is, not bathroom wipes.)

And that concluded our grocery shopping!  


Abby said...

I loved this post! I like to see how other people shop. ;)

Our boys like the car too, although you're right, it is a big pain. Your boys are so cute!

Mmm... pie sounds good right now. I've never had strawberry pie though. :) Sounds yummy!

Leah said...

Thanks for sharing! We can definitely relate. At our grocery store you have to pay to use the "car" carts! It's crazy. (We've never used it!)

We get "Are they triplets?" a lot!
(Of course we do dress them a like...)

Thanks for sharing. They look so cute sitting together. So sweet!


Dad said...

A delightful post, as usual, my Dauther. Your God-given wit and charm come through so clearly.

Keep up the good ministry.


Dear Ol' Dad

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