Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well, we had an interesting "surprise" last night.  It was 9:30, we had just finished watcing an Andy Griffith episode (The New Doctor), everyone had just turned out the lights.....and then I got this idea to check the back stoop.  I often check it for snakes at night but haven't found one there yet.  It just seems like the perfect place for a snake to sleep.  Well, last night I was finally right - I looked out, and there was a snake!

It slithered underneath our stoop so we decided to leave it until morning, when we could "take care if it."  (Note - we do NOT practice re-location of snakes around here - we practice our hoe chopping skills instead.) If you get what I mean, hehe. 

This was a big one. Gross gross gross!  Some people I know would look at that and say "Aw, how cute!", but I have NEVER been a fan of reptiles, no matter how big or small. Just like I'm not into horny toads, or mice, or rats, or tarantulas, or anything like that.  I prefer larger animals about waist high with horns and fur and hooves and udders and....can you guess what I'm talking about?!  :-) 

This morning after devotions we finally took a look at the snake.  It wasn't a rattlesnake (thank heavens) but it wasn't a bull snake either....not exactly sure what kind it was.  Jonathan thought maye a King snake?  Well, whatever it was, I'm glad it's dead.  The dearly departed's correct species does NOT matter any more.

We took this oppertunity to show the little boys the danger of snakes.  Isaac saw some last year but Joshua has never seen one.  We talked about how dangerous they were and how they could bite and that's why all little boys must stay on the porch...etc!!!  Joshua kept saying "Ew snake hurt Joshua."  I think we got the message across!

They were still in their PJ's and looking awfully cute......though it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get them both looking at the camera at the same time!  Isaac kept telling Joshua to smile.

Well....quite an interesting tid-bit for Sunday morning, huh?  It's never boring around here!


Heather said...

Yup, I certainly know what you mean by "we don't re-locate snakes around here. We practice our hoe chopping skills".... We do the same thing! But the snakes around here are tough... They sometimes don't die! We even had one that broke the hoe! Thank goodness that yours wasn't a rattlesnake and that we don't have rattlesnakes around here very often. We just get copperheads! Have I told you yet about the time I stepped on a baby copperhead? Well, this comment turned into an e-mail.. heh heh... Sorry about that Rachel!

Susannah said...

*shudders*...a snake? So glad I've never seen one here! :)
I know what you mean by "we don't re-locate snakes around here. We practice our hoe chopping skills"...because we do the same with opossums and raccoons who like our chickens. Only, not with a hoe :D

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