David's Treehouse

Sunday, July 10, 2011

David made a treehouse!  He's been working on this for close to a month. 

Isn't it neat?  He has all these ideas for adding extra levels and rooms out on rather thin-looking limbs....not so sure if that's such a good idea.....but his imagination is definitely working!

Amanda was able to help out too, when they were here last weekend. 

I have such great memories of building forts with Courtney and Jonathan when we were little!  Of course, Courtney and I banded together and made a "girls-only fort", and poor Jonathan was usually left to construct his own boys fort.  Then David got old enough to join us....but by then Courtney and I were kind of leaving the "fort phase" of life!  It sure was fun, though!

Back on fort building: I remember a certain brick fort we made one fall with a blanket draped over the top as a roof.  Then it snowed...and our fort very quickly caved in over night!  The worst of it was that Courtney had left Mom's nicest set of playing cards out there and they were absolutely ruined!  Mom wasn't very happy about that! 

Oh yes, then there was the brick fort we made down by the trees .  Somehow or another we left bricks laying around and Dad ran over them with his nice John Deere tractor......on Christmas Day.  Gulp.  That wasn't one of the nicest Christmases I remember!!!  Let's just say that we had a slightly upset father with a ruined tractor blade....and it seems like some of us were in tears....

And then my hammock fort took place when I was 9.  Somehow I thought it would be a great idea to take quilts and tie them to a tree.  I can remember being very upset because Dad wouldn't sit in my hammock....never occurred to me that the reason why is because he'd break right through it!

I think the best fort I ever built was my last one - I was 10 and Courtney was 12.  We took tomato-growing columns and filled them with grass, and then put them in a circle.  We had a hay roof and even a swinging hay door!  It was pretty fancy!  The downside was the grasshoppers, though.  Ugh.  I distinctly remember being in a near panic because there was a giant grandaddy grasshopper jumping around in my shirt!!


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