Some Serious Rain!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow!  We got a lot of rain yesterday!  Isaac prayed for rain yesterday morning and his prayer was answered in a BIG way.  We got an inch and a quarter....doesn't sound like much, but the pictures show how huge the downpour was!

 We haven't had our yard flood like this in years.  When the storm first started it was just a typical shower; lasted maybe ten minutes or so.  I thought it was over, but then we could see a whole front rumbling towards us. It was really neat, because before it reached us, you could see it raining in our field...and then it absolutely HIT us!  We were on the back porch watching when suddenly this wall of torrential rain and hail blasted us.  We quickly retreated inside!

 You can't see it now, but I have a rock border around those trees - it were completely submerged in water by time the storm was over. Yeah for rain! 

 The horses were really sloshing around  - all our animals got so wet!  We have minimal shelter for them since we hardly ever get any kind of bad weather around here.  But yesterday was the exception!  The goats hate to get wet so they were slightly miserable.  We have a three-sided shelter for them but the storm was coming from so many different directions that it didn't help much.  Things aren't even close to drying out, even a day later.

Look how DEEP that is!!!  We haven't pulled out those pond boots in years!  The little boys were begging me to walk them around the house in the "river".  They even got to dip their toes in it.  (I was trying to turn a blind eye to the floating manure.....)  Even after they each got a turn we still had tears...

Shows what a novelty water is around here!!!!

It was just so pleasant and cool afterwards....not too hot and not too cold.  Just, uh, wet.


Leah said...

WOW! That's an incredible amount of rain! I've never seen that much here. :-)


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