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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well, words are totally failing me for this post....literally.  I don't have any great pictures right now, and I have encountered the terrible writer's block, so I guess I'll just ramble until I find something intelligent to say!

For one thing, I have really been enjoying my new iPod recently.  (I NEVER thought I would actually own one of these things....but it's an amazing little device.)  I absolutely refuse to be "plugged in" 24/7; there are so much better things to be doing and I can't stand seeing people hunched over and just listening to music by themselves. 


The only reason I purchased it is because we don't get any Christian radio stations out here.  Sure, we get Country Western loud and clear, but that gets old after a while plus it just isn't spiritually edifying.  So I have been downloading great Christian songs that I used to listen to before we moved out here, plus I've been able to download messages from my favorite Bible teachers.  Both have been absolutely is so nice to have something encouraging to listen to!  (I guess I never realized until now how much I miss listening to good Christian radio!)

You may be wondering how I listen to this stuff and NOT be plugged in all the time.  Well, I intentionally try to use it only when I'm working on a project by myself.  So, when I'm cleaning out the goat pens for an hour, or milking, or taking a walk, or sewing, or scrubbing the kitchen floor, my iPod comes in quite handy!  If I find myself being more "plugged in" than I would like, I try to take a break from it for a few days.  It has been well worth the money I paid for it; which wasn't very much since I got it off of Ebay. 

Another thing I've been excited about recently is my
Google adsense earnings.  My canning website
has really taken off and, after several years of hard work and even some tears (ohhhh, it will NEVER work!!) is finally paying off.  It's so exciting to see my little home business grow - to see the fruits of my labors, finally.  I am convinced that the internet is fast becoming the most popular place for business to occur.  That's why I think websites like mine (as well as my sister Courtney's) are such a great idea.  You can even make a blog profitable - if you just set your mind to it and work hard, your efforts will always pay off.

I found some really cute skirts off of this website recently that caught my eye.....of course the price is NOT very appealing to me, but maybe one of these days I'll splurge.  Or maybe they'll have a really big sale.  Or something.  Anyway, I don't think I would get grey, (you can choose colors), probably would go for something more like either a dark purple or a black.  Solid colors are always fun because you can pair them with almost anything. 

I know some people who could look at that skirt and just automatically make it...but that's definitely not me!  I can make a basic A-line skirt, but beyond that I'm just not a great seamstress.  (No patterns please!! They make my head swim!) I am rambling again - I guess that's my cue to close this post!

Obviously I wasn't totally lacking for words; I did find something to say.  :-)


Leah said...

Thanks for the little update.

I am so sorry I haven't commented in such a long time! I have been reading your blog. Don't worry. :-)

I've actually been thinking about buying either an mp3 or an I-pod... (Although we do have a christian radio, but I am not a fan of christian rock.)

Also, have you heard of It's a free personalized radio station. I love it! They have very little commercials and you get 40 free hours of music a month. (I think)

That's so neat that you have a business. :-) I hope it thrives!

I love that skirt. It gives me inspiration to make one. :-)

Have a beautiful day!


Joshua said...

That is what I usually use my I-pod for. I don't understand why people can listen to it 24/7 as you said since there are a whole bunch of other things that you can do. I don't get it. Oh well, I can't run their lives. I can only run my life. God's blessings!

In Christ,
Joshua :)

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