A Typical Day....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The other day mid afternoon, I went around and took pictures of what everyone was doing!!  May not be...uh...the most interesting post you've ever seen, but what's a girl to do when she's hit a writer's block.  (Or would that be blogger's block? I don't know.)

Mom was in the middle of frying up chicken for dinner. 

And little Mr. in-a-bad-mood-but-peeping-over-the-counter was watching closely.  Because, as usual, he was hoping to get a test taste of something.   But no he did NOT get a test taste of raw chicken!  His language continues to develop - I think having Joshua here has really sped up his vocabulary.  They are in constant competition with each other and if Joshua learns a word that Isaac can't say....well, he learns it very quickly!! Always has to be the top dog!

And what was our van doing that day?  Getting cleaned and purged of gum wrappers, wipes, used paper napkins, parts of long forgotten toys, teddy graham crumbs, hair clips, etc.

 Here is David, the van-purger.  He always does an excellent job and today was no exception!!  He did a great job!

What more can I say about this handsome brother of mine........words fail me!! I'll let the picture speak for itself!

Ugh - words fail me for this picture too.  Obviously I was having a bad hair day or something.....anyway I was in the middle of practicing piano.  I've been working on some hymn arrangements as well as some classical pieces. 

Jonathan was unavailable for pictures and Dad was at work....and Courtney was in Nebraska!!  So you only get a partial peek into our typical day.  :-)


Kayla said...

Rachel, your hair is always beautiful! I'm the one who has bad hair days. Every day. Hope to see you soon!

Heather said...

Rachel, your hair looks great! Looks like a great typical day! ;)
Miss you!

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