The Three Little Pigs

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Isaac loves the story of the Three Little Pigs! 

 Although both little boys love reading, Isaac especially enjoys books.  He's old enough now to comprehend fairy tales like these, so we've been having fun reading them to him!

 Isaac's "Father pig" look.  He likes to imitate the pictures he sees in the book.

This is his naughty brother pig look. 

Oh, for the days when I had nothing to do but run around in barefeet and read books!!  (I still go around barefoot, but I have plenty that keeps me busy, that's for sure!)  I loved that age where nothing worried me and I was totally carefree - too little to know about problematic issues and troubles.  Great memories of playing barbies, dolls, and duploes without a care in the world.  It's sweet to see Isaac and Joshua in that same stage.   


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