A Picnic

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yesterday, Mom, Joshua, David, and Jonathan all went into town for errands / doctor's appointments / allergy shots, which left me at home with Isaac.  And we had a very special time - we had a picnic!!  (Isaac calls it "pick-kick".)

Ah yes, an indoor picnic.  We would have had it outside, but it was so windy and hot, so the dining room floor worked nicely.  Somehow, when you're four, eating your meal on the floor is so much more exciting than eating it at the table!  lol!

I even used an ABC plastic bowl for this meal.  :-)  We had had leftover potato soup, P&B sandwiches, craisins, and dinosaur chow.  It was quite the feast!  :-)

Isaac was just tickled pink the entire time - we should do pick-kicks more often, I think!

Yes, self-timer fails me again.  Isaac doesn't get that you have to smile for the WHOLE TEN SECONDS until the flash goes off. 


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