Our Independance Day Celebration

Monday, July 4, 2011

We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration today!  It was hot hot HOT, but we had a great time and were blessed with some rain at the end of the day.  

 Mom got this adorable plaque at Alco.  We hung it right next to the door - isn't it festive?

 Our traditional 4th of July ceremony.  This time Mr. Radtke got in on the performance - and so did the little boys!  Isaac and Joshua weren't really sure exactly what was going on, but they tagged along and tried to act like they knew what they were doing!

 Miss Amanda and Miss Bethany - two very sweet girls!  Bethany and her sisters each got to take home a kitten today, so that helped solve our kitten explosion going on over here.  We tried to get them to take home our lone rooster that one of our neihbors kindly dumped on us.....but they weren't interested.  (Don't blame them!)  Looks like someone is going to be cooking up chicken noodle soup sometime this week.  Ugh.  We have no need for a rooster - he does crow, but at the oddest times!!!

 Sweet Isaac is looking so grown up - one of these days he's not going to be a toddler anymore!   He remembered last year's 4th of July celebration and was very pumped up for this year's. 

Our newest American citizen! He just loved eating the food and playing with the kids!
 Amanda with one of our many kittens.

Your's truly.  Courtney and I wore matching blouses today - we got them at Beall's for a very reasonable price.  I love finding good buys!

We had such a great weekend with the Doughty's - we love you guys!!  And it was such a pleasure to have the Radtkes out as well.  We had a great time and another memorable Independance Day!


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